Reasons to Choose Us

Why should you choose us as your financial services partner?

For you, the answer to this question may be the final piece to closing an important deal or with simply starting a business relationship that helps move you forward. We are happy to give you 5 simple reasons:

1. Your transactional needs are covered:

Our modern transactional platforms not only save you time and money but also double as an excellent reason to choose us with the combination of alternative channels including convenient mobile and ATM banking.

But hang on, that’s not all.

When you consider that we are able to provide the same exceptional service both locally (i.e. Naira and domiciliary) and internationally through our offshore entities in Jersey, Isle of Man and Mauritius, you will realise that we are the bank you need now and the bank you will need when you’re incredibly wealthy.

We are also in a great position to support your business’ trade requirements for letters of credit or telegraphic transfers especially when you are looking to buy from China with our relationship with ICBC, the largest Chinese bank.

2. Your borrowing needs are swiftly met:

As a salary account holder or a business that banks with us, you get access to loans to help you meet your personal or business needs with minimal fuss. So to enjoy an overdraft or a credit card; or a personal loan that you can use for anything, we are your best bet.

And for the business that needs help with working capital financing - overdrafts, LPO financing or invoice discounting, we will support you. These and more will make us your preferred partner as your business grows.

3. Savings and investments are our forte:

From the days when the Stanbic IBTC Nigerian Equity Fund delivered 93.8% returns and became the largest equity mutual fund in Nigeria to when we launched the largest pension fund administrator in Nigeria, Stanbic IBTC Pension Managers Limited, we continue to provide you with a wide range of savings and investment options to meet your short and long term personal financial plans.

We give you a savings account with high returns and fixed deposit options for longer term savings and even higher returns. Our ContractSave account automates your savings and lets you save easily towards a project or that holiday trip.

You can also access the best of government securities through our treasury bills purchase platform or through the Stanbic IBTC Money Market Fund. Further investment options are our stockbroking services; and our other mutual funds.

In summary, we will help you to grow your money no matter the level that you are at today.

4. Our assurance services will make you feel secure:

We provide for inter-generational transfers by helping you put together your will and trusts - local and offshore - to ensure that the right people have access to your wealth. For growing businesses, our corporate trust service helps you put your lenders in a place of comfort and improves the overall quality of your business governance.

When you have worked hard or saved a lot, you may worry about the risk of losing what you have. With our associate, Liberty THT for your health insurance needs and guidance on insurance companies for general and life insurance, we help you live a more fulfilling life with your risks better managed.

5. Big businesses trust us:

Our corporate and investment banking offering provides services to governments, parastatals, larger corporates, financial institutions and international counterparties around the world, and serves our clients requirements for banking, finance, trading, investment, risk management and advisory services. As part of Africa's largest bank, we are able to give our clients access to expertise and on the ground presence across the globe - a vital service with the ever increasing global requirements of business. 

So again, "why should you should you choose us?” You should because, at Stanbic IBTC we like to see you truly Moving Forward.


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