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    An initiative by Stanbic IBTC to assist Nigerians whose businesses were significantly affected by the unrest that resulted from the ENDSARs protests t

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    An initiative organized by Stanbic IBTC to equip the Nigerian youth with knowledge and skills required to excel in all aspects of life.
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    We recognise the importance and impact of education in the life of every Nigerian youth.

    This focuses on transforming the lives of indigent children suffering limb losses, either through accidents, mismanaged injuries or congenital issues/birth defects.

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Join us as we walk #Together4ALimb from Saturday 19 to 26 November 2022


A signature Corporate Social Investment (CSI) initiative by Stanbic IBTC to raise awareness for children with Limb Loss

#Together4ALimb is a signature corporate and Social Investment (CSI) initiative of Stanbic IBTC.  Although is health related, has an education element to it as well as an Economic Empowerment leg as it affords the recipients a level playing field to compete in life.  An important aspect of the signature CSI is the charity walkathon, organized yearly to raise awareness of the plight and, hopefully, ginger deliberate actions by government, policymakers, and the general public to address the problem.

Together4ALimb focuses on transforming the lives of children with limb losses from congenital issues/birth defects, accidents or mismanaged injuries. Such children are given prosthetic limbs and  an Education trust fund.

#Together4ALimb has been in existence for seven years since 2014. Up till date, a total number of 50 children has benefitted from Prosthesis change annually and education trust fund till the age of 18years. Currently we have five Beneficiaries in Nursery school, 20 beneficiaries in Primary School, 23 beneficiaries in Secondary School and two beneficiaries in Tertiary Institution.

To join the walk and help us inspire hope for the children, download the Steps by Stanbic IBTC mobile app on either Google Playstore or  iOS Appstore and start taking steps that count.

Download the Steps App

Stanbic IBTC has helped to change the course of the lives of over 50 young Nigerians who have suffered limb losses through the #Together4ALimb CSI project since 2015. The Steps by Stanbic IBTC mobile app allows you to clock your steps as we take the charity walk  #Together4ALimb  and inspire hope for the children. Participants can select their preferred walk targets and certificates are issued on the app once the walk target is completed.

 Learn how to use the app here

Download the Steps App
2021 Beneficiaries

These are the names of children that benefitted from Prosthesis change in 2021

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Frequently Asked Questions about the #Together4ALimb Web App
How do I sign up for the charity walk?
  • Download and install the Steps by Stanbic IBTC from Google Playstore here or iOS Appstore here 
  • Login with any of Google, Apple ID or create an account with your preferred email and set a password 
  • On the ‘Tap Project Page’ select #Together4ALimb, select your preferred walk target and click on continue 
  • Grant the mobile app permissions to detect physical activity and access the device approximate location 
  • To start walking, click on steps, select start and proceed.  
  • To stop walking, click stop and confirm to stop walking 
  • Certificate will be issued immediately you achieve the selected walk target, and this will be displayed on the ‘reward’ tab of the app.  
How do I record my walk session?
  • To start walking, click on steps, select start and proceed.  
  • To stop walking, click stop and confirm to stop walking 
When I click on Steps on the app, it asks me to grant some permissions, should I allow? 


  • Yes, you need to allow the app access your location and detect physical activity to record your walk.   
  • If you have disabled this before, please go to your device setting and click on the app to grant permissions. 



I need to play music while walking, can I?

Yes, you can. Start your walk then go to your music app and play your music  

Can I view how far other participants have walked? 

Yes. Click on the picture icon and select Leaderboard to view the top 10 people with the highest kilometer walked.  

How do I invite friends to join me while walking?

Click Friends to invite friends to join you to walk from any location.  

How do I get my certificate? 

Certificate will be available for download on the Reward Page immediately you achieve your walk target. Simply click on ‘Rewards’ to access this. 


Can I have a chat with other participants? 

Yes. You can chat with other participants, and they will be able to respond to you. Please note that all chats on the mobile app is visible to all participants.  

The top 15 people on the #TogetherForALimb mobile app leaderboard will be selected to win prizes in categories on the Stanbic IBTC Social media pages.
The top 15 people on the #TogetherForALimb mobile app leaderboard will be selected to win prizes in categories on the Stanbic IBTC Social media pages.