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    Stanbic IBTC is a financial institution that offers banking and financial services to individuals, businesses, institutions and corporations in Nigeria and abroad.

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    All our products and services are based on a set of values that uphold the empowerment of our customers. Both internally, and in daily engagement with the our clients we foster transparency, innovation, accountability and superior service.

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    LOCAL 0700 909 909 909

    INTERNATIONAL +234 700 909 909 909

    Why should you choose us as your financial services partner?

    For you, the answer to this question may be the final piece to closing an important deal or with simply starting a business relationship that helps move you forward. We are happy to give you 5 simple reasons:

    • Your transactional needs are covered
    • Your borrowing needs are swiftly met
    • Savings and investments are our forte
    • Our assurance services will make you feel secure
    • Big businesses trust us
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    LOCAL 0700 909 909 909

    INTERNATIONAL +234 700 909 909 909

    Stanbic IBTC is not an abstract legal entity. We are our people.

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    LOCAL 0700 909 909 909

    INTERNATIONAL +234 700 909 909 909

    We aim to offer universal banking capabilities to individuals, small-to medium-sized businesses, corporates, financial institutions and internationals.

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    LOCAL 0700 909 909 909

    INTERNATIONAL +234 700 909 909 909
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    Our sponsorship initiatives promote community upliftment through the support of sporting, art and music events, teams, festivals and clinics. We strive to nurture growing talents and to aid local communities to grow in their chosen fields.

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    LOCAL 0700 909 909 909

    INTERNATIONAL +234 700 909 909 909

    We are proud to be a part of what’s happening in Nigeria. By fostering growth opportunities on the continent, we believe that hands across borders will continue to strengthen business in Nigeria.

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    LOCAL 0700 909 909 909

    INTERNATIONAL +234 700 909 909 909
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    We are a universal bank and full- service financial group offering transactional banking, saving, borrowing, lending, investment, insurance, risk management, wealth management and advisory services.

    • Personal and Business Banking
    • Corporate and Investment Banking
    • Wealth
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    LOCAL 0700 909 909 909

    INTERNATIONAL +234 700 909 909 909
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    Get local and international financial report, analysis, commentary, banking news and all the stories you want to know. We will also help you keep up with the latest news from Stanbic IBTC offices across Nigeria.

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    LOCAL 0700 909 909 909

    INTERNATIONAL +234 700 909 909 909
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Our sponsorships

Our sponsorship initiatives focus on community upliftment, the arts and sport.

Our philosophy

The key to the sustainability of any business is collaborative corporate social investments; business survival is predicated on the level of support and goodwill it enjoys from its stakeholders, particularly its host community. Stanbic IBTC understands this, which is why CSI is ingrained in its corporate philosophy rather than being an appendage to the business. Our business philosophy is anchored on and vested in building relationships and trust with our communities and other key stakeholders.

We aim to use financial services to improve life for everyone on this continent we call home. We not only want to achieve financial outcomes, but we also want to fulfil our purpose of driving Africa’s growth. Our report to society contains in-depth detail on the group’s SEE strategy.
Teaser Image for Our philosophy

We measure our SEE impact using the following guidelines:

Social value: This is the value we create for society, both internally for our employees and externally with other stakeholders, clients, governments and the rest of society.

Economic value: We drive economic growth in Africa through creating social and environmental value, which also leads to more innovative and profitable ways of doing business.

Environmental value: Our success depends on creating value for the environment through responsible lending and not investing in businesses that have a negative impact on the environment.

Our vision is clear: Nigeria is our home, we drive her growth.

We realise that three critical areas define the advancement of any community. These are Health, Education and Economic Empowerment, hence our focus on these three pillars in our CSI initiatives. To help achieve qualitative healthcare and education as well as sustainable economic empowerment, we work in partnership with the communities in which we operate by employing a research-based approach to understand the deeper socio-economic needs of these communities.
Teaser Arts and Culture Image
Arts and Culture

Stanbic IBTC is commitment to investing across the arts spectrum on the continent and we are proud to provide ongoing support for a variety of key projects, which have evolved into highlights on the Nigerian and African cultural calendar.

Teaser Image Sports

We contribute to sports initiatives that foster training and growth in young enthusiasts across African communities

Teaser Image Health

We are committed to ensuring that we create shared value in the communities in which we operate. Our framework supports programs that improves the long-term health of the community.

Teaser Education Image

We aim to create an enabling environment for children and young people to develop and evolve as responsible citizens.

Teaser Image Economic Empowerment
Economic Empowerment

Helping to create an environment conducive to create wealth. This is being done through supporting skills acquisition as well as entrepreneurship especially for the under-served.

TGAL Image
Signature CSI Initiative- Together4ALimb

Stanbic IBTC’s signature CSI Initiative, tagged ‘Together 4 A Limb’, although is health related, has an education element to it as well as an Economic Empowerment leg as it affords the recipients a level playing field to compete in life.

EE Image
Employee Engagement

At Stanbic IBTC, our Employee Brand encapsulates our ‘people value proposition’. It provides a focal point around the experience we want people to have when they work at Stanbic IBTC and the values we want our employees to hold dear.

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