Our Corporate Social Investment

Our philosophy

The key to the sustainability of any business is collaborative corporate social investments; business survival is predicated on the level of support and goodwill it enjoys from its stakeholders, particularly its host community. Stanbic IBTC understands this, which is why CSI is ingrained in its corporate philosophy rather than being an appendage to the business. Our business philosophy is anchored on and vested in building relationships and trust with our communities and other key stakeholders.
We realize that three critical areas define the advancement of any community. These are Health, Education and Economic Empowerment, hence our focus on these three pillars in our CSI initiatives. To help achieve qualitative healthcare and education as well as sustainable economic empowerment, we work in partnership with the communities in which we operate by employing a research-based approach to understand the deeper socio-economic needs of these communities.

Pillars of our CSI

We are committed to ensuring that we create shared value in the communities in which we operate. Our framework supports programs that improves the long-term health of the community.

This includes support for health centres, hospitals as well as health initiatives that directly guarantee our commitment to the health and well-being of the communities across all areas of our operations. The focus will be to promote integrated healthcare and develop health seeking behaviour and appropriate responses.
We aim to create an enabling environment for children and young people to develop and evolve as responsible citizens. Through the education pillar we focus on access, equity and quality of education especially in government schools in underserved communities.
Economic Empowerment
Helping to create an environment conducive to create wealth. This is being done through supporting skills acquisition as well as entrepreneurship especially for the under-served.



Stanbic IBTC’s signature CSI, tagged ‘Together 4 A Limb’, although is health related, has an education element to it as well as an Economic Empowerment leg as it affords the recipients a level playing field to compete in life . It focuses on transforming the lives of indigent children suffering limb losses, either through accidents, mismanaged injuries or congenital issues/birth defects. Such children are offered prostheses and educational trust funds by Stanbic IBTC, effectively addressing both their health and education needs.

An important aspect of the signature CSI is the charity walk, organized yearly to raise awareness of the plight and, hopefully, ginger deliberate actions by government, policymakers, and the general public to address the problem.  “Only a mother would know the joy I felt to see Aliyu walk again.” This statement was made in Abuja by Mrs. Sharetu Usman, mother to then three-year-old Aliyu Usman, a beneficiary of prosthetic limbs from Stanbic IBTC as well as an Educational Trust Fund from us. Aliyu had lost a limb to an accident. Indeed, the elation was plain to see as Mrs Usman pranced about during the Stanbic IBTC Together 4 A Limb charity walk to raise awareness for limbless underserved children.

Since the 2015 launch of the ‘Together 4 A Limb’ initiative, Stanbic IBTC has helped to change the course of the lives of little Aliyu and 19 young Nigerians who have suffered limb losses. The signature corporate social investment initiative of the Stanbic IBTC Group was formally launched on December 2, 2015.
The adoption of the Together 4 A Limb as Stanbic IBTC’s flagship CSI initiative stemmed from the fact that it addressed the financial institution’s three cardinal CSI objectives of health, education and economic empowerment. Indeed, by focusing on the provision of prostheses, Stanbic IBTC had touched on a profound area of need and is able to address its three CSI pillars in one fell swoop.

By committing to provide prosthetic limbs for beneficiaries until they are 18 years effectively takes care of their all-round healthcare needs as it relates to their limb care. Such commitments help to give the beneficiary children access to quality medical facilities they otherwise would not have been able to afford. The average lifespan of prosthesis is one to two years on a growing child and to fit the artificial limbs, a comprehensive health check is often required. What this means is that the children are exposed to regular medical checks and the state of their health becomes paramount. Stanbic IBTC equally opened a N1.5 million education trust fund for each of the children fitted with prostheses, thus exposing them to quality education.

By addressing the children’s healthcare and educational needs, Stanbic IBTC has greatly reduced the financial burdens on the parents, which will help empower them economically. With less worries on the health and education needs of their children, parents are able to conserve the family income and deploy such for other useful needs.
You can watch videos of our recent charity walks here.

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